Top 6 reasons to rent our bleachers!

1.     Are your bleachers too expensive?   

We provide top quality bleachers, at the best rates in South-Western Ontario.

2.     Do you require consideration for accessibility?

we can provide a safe and inclusive experience for everyone utilizing our bleacher systems,  Accessibility goes beyond wheelchair access.  It’s the ability to offer seating to people with varying degrees of ability.  Stairs must be wide enough to allow walking Cains, prosthetic and others who may be traveling in pairs with guides or companions. Handrails must be in place to add assistance and stability while climbing.  Steps must have a color contrast that can give cues to the visually impaired. 

3.     Are you risking the safety of your spectators? 

Our bleachers are made with anodized aluminum seats and a galvanized steel frame. No more broken or splintering seat boards or rusty steel frames.  We also offer vertical guardrails on all sides and backs of each bleachers.  Our 48″ wide steps with center handrails can ensure safe travel up and down the seating area without risk of slipping and falling.

4.    Do your bleachers meet current building codes?   

If you’re using bleachers that don’t currently meet local building codes, then risk of injury and your liability can go up dramatically.   Also, you could be ordered to remove these structures immediately at any time.  Our bleachers meet and exceed current building and safety codes, as well as highway traffic codes to provide the most reliable seating options available.

5.    Are your bleachers comfortable and easy to access?  

We offer a uniform slope with 24″ seat spacing and 8″ rise on each seat.  Anodized aluminum seat boards ensure that seats stay clean and corrosion free.  Anti-slip double wide single slab foot boards reduce the risk of tripping hazards and make it easier to move around the seating structure safely

6.     Do you have enough seating available?  

Our bleachers offer more seating per frontage than the competition. We can provide seating up to 15 rows high, to give 50% more seats in key viewing areas.