Our mission: To provide local events with better seating at a better price.

We have found that most events in South-Western Ontario are run by not-for-profit organizations.  Therefore, every dollar they save can go back into the local community and benefit everyone living in the area.  Whether you’re a local not-for-profit, or someone running a major event, we can help.

We currently host and promote a yearly rodeo event called “Norfolk Ram Rodeo”.  We know the importance of keeping events costs as low as possible, while hiring safe and reliable contractors to help make a successful event.  Our biggest challenge has been to find affordable and safe bleachers to rent.   As a result, we have decided to purchase a set of mobile bleachers that we can use and rent out to other local event in South-Western Ontario.  If you have a need for bleacher rentals, give us a call for a more information!